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The Wonderful Tune is an enchanting, fun filled, and unforgettable tale which weaves traditional music, singalong songs, puppetry, storytelling, and animation to captivate young audiences.  Ceol Connected’s reimagining of The Wonderful Tune is based on a fairy folktale of the same name, collected in Thomas Crofton Croker’s ‘Fairy legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland’ (1828).  

The Wonderful Tune was developed with support from the Arts Council.  In April/May 2018, The Wonderful Tune embarked on an 8-venue national tour supported by the Arts Council. 

About The Wonderful Tune

Maurice Connor was the king, and that’s no small word, of all the pipers in Ireland. He could play jig and planxty without end, and Ollistrum’s March, and the Eagle’s Whistle, and the Hen’s Concert, and odd tunes of every sort and kind. As a young child, Maurice mysteriously began to play one tune that was far more surprising than the rest – a tune which had in it the power to set everything dead or alive dancing.  At the very first note of that tune, the brogues began shaking upon the feet of all who heard it – old or young it mattered not!

For many many years, Maurice’s mother Maggie accompanied him wherever his music would bring him – to fairs, house dances, and all sorts of gatherings.  One day at a céilí beside the sea, Maurice foolishly began to play the enchanted tune, much to his poor mother’s dismay.  Everyone, and every creature down to the crabs, scallops and oysters, began to dance, including a green-haired mermaid who emerged from the sea to try and persuade Maurice to live with her under the waves as ‘king over the fishes’. 

The Wonderful Tune – told through the eyes of Maggie – is a touching and intriguing tale of the power of music, of the changes that can happen when we grow up, and of a mother’s love for her son.

Age 6+

Suitable Age Range

45 Minutes

Duration of the show

Critical appraisal:

A terrific new trad show… go see! Even the baby was engaged by the blend of toe tapping tunes, animation, puppetry and storytelling. (Sara Keating at Kiss Culture Ireland)

Sara Keating
Kiss Culture Ireland

Creative Team:​

Director:    Tommy Baker 

Co-creators: Thomas Johnston and Emma Fisher

Performers:  Thomas Johnston (whistles/song/storytelling), Áine McGeeney (fiddle/song), Seán McElwain (button accordion/guitar), Emma Fisher (puppeteer)

Music Composition/Traditional Arrangement: Thomas Johnston, Niamh Dunne, Seán Óg Graham

Script: Thomas Johnston

Set, Puppet, and Costume Design:  Emma Fisher

Assistant Puppet and Costume Design: Risa Ando

Animation: Thorey Mjallhvit

Lighting Designer: Sebastían Pizarro Olivera

Carpenter: Colin Bartley

Outside Eye: Eleanor O’Brien

Sound Design: Big Banana Studios


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