The otherworldly realm of fairies and folklore is brought to life in this irresistibly joyful and magical traditional music, puppetry, and storytelling performance for young children.

 One Summer day in the little hills of Co. Monaghan, Lonán the farmer discovers a magical whistle hidden in a hare’s nest. Suspecting that it belongs to the fairy folk who live at the edge of his farm, Lonán decides that the whistle should be returned to its rightful owners. Join Lonán on his quest filled with magical traditional music, puppetry, and storytelling to the enchanted ‘Far Field’.  

The Far Field 2020 tour is funded by the Arts Council’s Touring and Dissemination Award

Director: Marc Mac Lochlainn

Director for 2020 Tour: Thomas Baker

Co-devisors: Emma Fisher and Thomas Johnston 

Performers for 2020 Tour: Thomas Johnston (whistles/song/storytelling), Cillian Ó’Dálaigh (guitar), Emma Fisher (puppeteer)

Script, Lyrics, and Original Music Composition: Thomas Johnston

Traditional Arrangements: Seán McElwain, Shane Greene, Thomas Johnston

Set, Puppet, and Costume Design: Emma Fisher

Sound Design: Stephen Markham 

Lighting Design: Sebastian Pizarro Olivera 

Carpenter: Colin Bartley 

Illustrator: ShelkyBean


45 mins

Ages 3-7

Critical appraisal:

I was blown away. It was a beautiful event and Thomas is a wonderful performer… he was so gentle and magical… my kids and I were spellbound for the entire show. It’s been one of the best children’s shows I've attended in a while.
Karen Walsh
Artistic Director of St. Patrick’s Festival
The Far Field is a really lovely, gentle and joyful piece of work for children.
Irma Grothuis
Programme Coordinator of DCC Children’s Art in Libraries Programme
We adored The Far Field. I couldn't imagine a better or more appropriate production for a child of my son's age. He was utterly enthralled for the entire production. The story was really lovely, and perfectly paced. The music was absolutely gorgeous, deceptively simple, with a nice amount of audience participation. The use of silhouette was fabulous and the charisma and stage presence of the actor tied the whole lot together perfectly.
Parent response
Linenhall Art Centre’s Roolaboola Festival, November 2016

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Address: Sheskin, Scotstown, Co. Monaghan