Sensory Songs: TREEHOUSE – a multisensory musical gift for children with complex needs

Ceol Connected are delighted to collaborate with the Holy Family School in Cootehill, County Cavan, to produce Sensory Songs: TREEHOUSE – a series of multisensory musical gifts that have been developed specifically to engage children with complex needs who attend the school.

Created by visual artist Orla Kelly, and accompanied by music and songs from Ceol Connected’s TREEHOUSE production, children can snuggle with a cosy caterpillar, flutter in the light with a beautiful butterfly, and even transform their treehouse into a rocket and blast into space!

Inside their special gift packs, children will find finger puppets, shadow play objects, and a range of other multisensory props that they can engage with again and again. Guided by their carers and/or parents/guardians, their interactions can be reinvented each time they listen to the accompanying music and engage with the sensory objects.


Sensory Songs: Treehouse is funded by Cavan County Council through the Creative Cavan Programme and will be presented as part of Tradoodle Festival 2020. See for more details. 


Inside each Sensory Songs: TREEHOUSE gift package


Our collection of textured and multi-use objects are created almost entirely from natural materials; wool, wood and cotton. Their textures are soft, hard, squishy, crackly, round and bumpy.

There are essentially four parts to this textured, musical theatre in a bag.

The first is the beautiful caterpillar who lives in a soft textured snuggly leaf. The caterpillar is a series of felt balls that can be manipulated between the fingers. When the caterpillar  emerges from the leaf we can attach its crackly wings before it takes flight.

The second is our own treehouse which we build. We can also transform it into a castle or a rocket! Our treehouse is a hand puppet with squishy filling soft enough to be a pillow. The crown of the tree has leaves, some smooth and some rough. When the tree top is removed, attached by easy on and off Velcro dots, we can add the felt turret to make our treehouse become a castle, or attach some fiery flames so we can blast off into outer space with our tree house rocket.

The third part works wonderfully well in dark light. The torch can make a wonderful point of light on the white night sky fabric. If we add our hands we can make hand shadows. When we place the hard and scented wooden cutouts in front of the light we can make shadows from our bird, tree and magical butterfly.

The fourth part is the magical music that accompanies each of these Treehouse objects to simply play and explore while you listen or use the words of the songs to create theatrical actions together.


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