When the Moon Spun Round

DURATION: Approx. 50 minutes

Co-created and co-produced by Ceol Connected and Fidget Feet

A new aerial dance and traditional music production for young audiences

Designed for children ages 6+ and their adults

Directed & Choreographed by Chantal McCormick

Musical Direction by Thomas Johnston and Jym Daly

upcoming Performances

2024 show dates coming soon!

About the show

Come on an imaginative journey where aerial dancers dance like the waves of the sea, where a fiddler soars high, and where cloths made from the night and light and half-light suspend, float and fall.  And let’s not forget the very mysterious antique lady of the river whose feathers explore what lies behind the moon once it spins round!

Ceol Connected and Fidget Feet are two leading production companies currently operating in Ireland, creating high quality and engaging work that has toured Ireland and internationally.  Since 2011, Ceol Connected has produced shows, festivals, events, albums and other arts experiences for children that draw inspiration and intrigue from the world of traditional arts.  Since 1998, Fidget Feet have created, established and nurtured the aerial dance sector in Ireland and created international connections and collaborations and for 10 years has created and toured work for young audiences.

When the Moon Spun Round is an exciting new production that brings together the synergy of Ceol Connected and Fidget Feet in an impactful work.  The coming together of artists and performers from the worlds of aerial dance and traditional arts has resulted in a unique experience that is sure to leave audiences of all ages enthralled.

When the Moon Spun Round is inspired by a selection of W.B Yeats poetry and stories that can be found in ‘The Moon Spun Round – W.B. Yeats for Children’ publication edited by Noreen Doody and illustrated by Shona Shirley Macdonald.

Creative Team

Role Name
Co-created and co-produced by Ceol Connected and Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre
Director & Choreographer Chantal McCormick
Musical Directors & Composers Thomas Johnston and Jym Daly
Poetry by Daly & based on the children’s poems of W. B Yeats from the book “The Moon Spun Round“
Performers Tara Dunne, Rosie Stebbing, Hannah Scully, Oran Leong, Vitor Bassi and Thomas Johnston
Narrator Olwen Fouéré
Choreography Co-devised with Chantal McCormick and performers
Lighting Design Sebastian Pizarro
Set Design Orla Kelly
Costume Design Paul Shriek
Projection Design Jym Daly
Dramaturg Lali Morris
Production Manager Fintan Sweeney
Sound Engineer Tomás Donaghy
Recording Engineers Seán Óg Graham and Trevor Hutchinson
Sound Design and Arrangements Stephen Markham
String Arrangements Niamh Dunne
Guitar Seán Óg Graham
Rigging design, head rigger and winch operator Keylor Rojas Fernandez
Assistant rigger and winch operator Naomham Joyce
Production Photography Anita Murphy and Jym Daly
Filmmaker Gary de Búit at Studio 8 Labs
Marketing and Communications Kara Moore
PR Ellie Byrne

Quotes from the creators

“The creation and development of When the Moon Spun Round has been exhilarating – and I know that will translate to the audience experience. I met Chantal at the International Performing Arts for Youth showcase in Philadelphia a number of years ago and we have not stopped dreaming since. This show and album have brought the worlds of Ceol Connected and Fidget Feet together in a way that brings those dreams to life. Audiences of all ages are in for a real treat!” Thomas Johnston Artistic Director / Composer / Performer, Ceol Connected   “Making this show and working with Ceol Connected has been an absolute joy.  Working with a company that loves making quality new work for young audiences as much as we do is magical.  Since meeting Thomas at IPAY (as part of an Irish delegation funded by Culture Ireland) it was clear that we’d work together and become life-long friends.  He is an amazing musician, performer, composer and producer – and adventurous enough to take flight with Fidget Feet while playing the uilleann pipes on our first project together (Handful of Dreams)!  I’m so excited for audiences to see this gem of a new show that we’ve created together – drawing inspiration and intrigue from the world of traditional arts and music When the Moon Spun Round delivers all the Fidget Feet aerial magic, dance, costumes and storytelling you’d expect, married with Ceol Connected’s gloriously joyful music. I can’t think of a better way to kick-off our Fidget Feet 25 year anniversary celebrations this year…  ” Chantal McCormick Director / Choreographer / Artistic Director, Fidget Feet Aerial Dance Theatre

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