Musical Stories at The Magic Table

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Ceol Connected have been carrying out site visits to Adare and Tullamore to prepare for our upcoming ‘Musical Stories’, a research project in collaboration with Monaghan County Council. Funded by Creative Ireland, the aim of Musical Stories is to bring together the power of music-making with the potential of The Magic Table (Tovertafel in Dutch).  The Magic Table (Tovertafel) is an award-winning care innovation that uses specially designed technology to help people with mid-to-late stage dementia, autism and learning disabilities. It consists of a series of colourful and interactive light games that are projected onto a table and infrared sensors respond to the hand and arm movement of the players.

Ceol Connected’s Dr. Thomas Johnston and community musician Julie Tiernan will research, develop, and facilitate a series of workshops in libraries in Monaghan for older adults with dementia and children with autism.

The Magic Table was first developed by Hester Le Riche, a PhD student who had been researching how happiness was experienced by those living with the neurodegenerative disease.

The aim for users is to create “moments of joy” as well as increasing physical and cognitive activity.  Using the Magic Table can bring generations together and create treasured moments with family members and carers.  The games are all about enjoyment and wonder and respond to even the smallest movements. Some of the games can be used to trigger memories and reminiscence and to start conversations. Others can help teach about taking turns and help improve co-ordination. Playing the games in a group can also improve social interaction as well as being a fun activity.

Musical Stories commences in Monaghan County Libraries in February 2020 and continues throughout March. Ceol Connected are delighted to be involved in such an exciting and innovative project.

If you have a loved one who you feel would benefit from participating in this Musical Stories programme which will run for 5 weeks beginning Wed 26th Feb @ 10am, please get in touch with Carrickmacross Library by dropping in to speak to library staff or call 042 9661148.  Numbers will be limited.

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